Can employees be productive at all times? You know it’s impossible, right? You cannot provide them perfect ways to ensure they are always at their best, but you can certainly make efforts to help them get back on track and ensure a better working environment. Employees play a vital role in achieving business organization’s goals and objectives. They are the ones directly involved with the company operations and they provide valuable knowledge and skills for the business to be successful. Hence, consistently motivating them is essential for continuous growth and fulfillment of the company’s purpose. With that, below are top 10 helpful tips to increase employee productivity:

1. Freedom to strategize or plan

Allowing them to have autonomy to accomplish things in their own way will further boost their self-confidence and accountability in their task. Give them room to discover great things on their own, with minimal supervision. Yes, they might make mistakes but these will strengthen their abilities and leadership skills! In that case, managers should instead focus on guiding their employees towards success in their work without actually forcing work ideas on them.

2. Be open to new ideas or new ways to do things

As the world is constantly evolving, some ideas may no longer work. That’s why it’s a must to regularly ask them issues and concerns they encounter and their opinion towards those. With their direct involvement in the company activities, their perspectives are highly relevant and may then offer better solutions to new or old problems of the business. You can ask them directly or provide a certain channel or avenue to express ideas within your organization. Afterwards, evaluate and work on it as a team. Whether it will be a success or not, you know that innovation is vital to discover new or enhanced methods to operate more efficiently and effectively.

3. Respect their personal time and space

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Everyone’s time is important. May it be lunch breaks, after office hours or the weekend, allow your employees to rest or focus on things that they want to do. Rest is necessary for a healthy life and for them to come back recharged, productive, and efficient. Work-life balance!

4. Mentorship

Be their mentor. While you trust them to do their job on their own, teach them also how to get better and provide recommendations as necessary. Real mentors create more leaders and influence the personal and professional growth of their mentees.

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5. Stretch their abilities with new projects or new goals to achieve

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Letting them go out of their comfort zones would be great! When they are stuck in a certain task that they can already delegate to others and you think they can walk around on other projects, entrust them with one. Know if they want to explore something new that will improve their skills in other areas. They may encounter challenges, but these are essential for their growth.

6. Practice radical candor

Be honest in a good way. Provide feedback with a sincere intention to let your employees improve. Letting them know what to focus on will motivate them to make changes in the way they do their job. You can talk to them about those concerns during performance reviews or in any private conversation. Afterwards, ask them how you can help them in their progress.

7. Learning and development

Change is inevitable and with that, skills and knowledge should likewise be enhanced. Training and other learning strategies will minimize risks of falling behind your competitors or failing to continuously provide the needs of your clients or customers.  Proper development plans are critical for employee motivations, engagement, retention, and professional and personal growth. With valuable efforts, this practice will deepen the values-based culture of the organization and inspire employees to embody those values.

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8. Celebrate achievements

Appreciate your employees’ efforts and good work by expressing your gratitude. It will inspire them to value each accomplishment and motivate them to even greater achievements. Verbal or written appreciation is good enough. But sometimes, you can go further by holding a simple party or event. Reward them with some perks. It can be monetary, on-site, travel, fitness/health, entertainment, or other possible perks or gifts.

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9. Have team building activities

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Build and strengthen relationships with your employees. Take the opportunity to know more about them, their passion, hobbies, and goals. You might discover how you can work on those things for the advantage of both of you. Plan for games and engaging activities or have some clubs in your company to support their interests. These will encourage recognition of individual differences while forming a bond and connection that can lead to a great team. While significantly contributing to enhanced communication, adaptability, job satisfaction and retention, these efforts will also help in building trust and boosting employee morale. 

10. Sense of purpose

Purpose drives people to go on in life. When they know why they are doing their job and how their work contributes to the whole organization, it shows their efforts are going towards something meaningful. Be transparent as you can and let them know the goals of the company. Make them feel that no role is too small and that everyone plays a part in the success of the business. After all, human resources are considered the most important asset of an organization.

If you already have plans or are soon planning to make a purposeful impact in society, you can start with charity drives and let your employees take part in it. These will further strengthen the values that you want to share with them.

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