In our busy and fast-paced days, no matter how much we love reading, it can tend to feel that we can never find the time to just sit still with a book. Do you even remember when was the last time that you felt so absorbed into what you were reading that you don’t even feel the time passing?

Well, you probably don’t… So here are some little ways to help you!

Divide Your Pages!

No, this does not include complex math don’t worry! All you got to do is identify how many pages does the book you plan to read have, and the days you want to allot to finish the book. For example, on average a book will have about 400 pages.

Now, let’s say you plan to finish one book a month. All you have to do is to divide 400 pages into 30 days! And voilà, you only need to read about 13-14 pages a day, and if you continue doing this every month then you’ll easily get to read 12 books in one year!

Read Multiple Books!

We all have that book that we really want to read but they’re either those intimidating chunky books, a nonfiction book that takes more mental focus to read, or just simply fiction books that takes time for you to be hooked. Regardless of how much you want to finish them, sometimes these types of books can make you feel stuck and progress slowly.

Now the best tip that I can give you is to not be afraid to pick up a second book that you know you’ll enjoy reading or a book that’s light to read. In my personal experience, what I like to do is to give myself a month or sometimes even a few months to read this book that I find intimidating or struggle to read. I divide their pages just like what I’ve mentioned in the first tip. While simultaneously, I interchange it with a lighter or more enjoyable book. So whenever I get tired of the other book, I get to return to a lighter one. In this way, you won’t have to be stuck in a book and be more productive.

Replace your Screen time with Reading

Now, we all know how hard it is to quit our bad habits but at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to build better habits and be intentional with what we do in our time. So instead of mindlessly scrolling on your feed before you sleep, you should use that time instead to read. Plus, doing this as a routine will help you build a better sleeping habit and help you sleep better because you reduce your exposure to blue light which disrupts your sleep. You don’t only get to read more, but you’ll also sleep better!

By Genesis Bancud – BookSpine PH Intern

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