“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

And when it comes to growing and bettering ourselves, nothing beats self-help books!

Here are some personal development books that you can avail of at BookSpine PH.

We hope these books help you as much as they’ve helped the ones before you!

1. The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren
The Purpose Driven Life is far more than just a book; it’s the road map for your spiritual journey. A journey that will transform your life. Designed to be read in 42 days, each chapter provides a daily meditation and practical steps to help you discover and live out your purpose.

2. The Book of Ichigo Ichie: The Art of Making the Most of Every Moment, the Japanese Way by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

Learn to make every moment a once-in-a-lifetime experience with this definitive guide to the Japanese art of ichigo ichie, from the bestselling authors of Ikigai. Every moment in our life happens only once, and if we let it slip away, we lose it forever-an idea captured by the Japanese phrase ichigo ichie.

3. 21 Ways To A Happier Depression By Seth Swirsky 

Say goodbye to dreary shades of black and white and start seeing the world for the prism of color it is with this refreshing and creative guide! In a unique combination of art, activities, and uplifting anecdotes, 21 Ways to a Happier Depression leads you on a hands-on journey to personal growth.

4. The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday 

The Daily Stoic offers 366 days of Stoic insights and exercises, featuring all-new translations from the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the playwright Seneca, or slave-turned-philosopher Epictetus, as well as lesser-known luminaries like Zeno, Cleanthes, and Musonius Rufus. Every day of the year you’ll find one of their pithy, powerful quotations, as well as historical anecdotes, provocative commentary, and a helpful glossary of Greek terms. By following these teachings over the course of a year (and, indeed, for years to come) you’ll find the serenity, self-knowledge, and resilience you need to live well.

5. The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy

The Power of Self Confidence explains that confidence is “mental fitness.” It can be developed by engaging in a series of regular exercises to build up and maintain higher and higher levels of self-confidence in every area of your life. This book revolves around the idea that with self-confidence, everything is possible.

6. How to YOLO Wisely by NFG Nikki Jurado

This is a  step-by-step money guide for people who want to enjoy life. Through this book you will learn how to create a solid money foundation, increase your income, build your emergency funds, protect your money, make money work for you, and leave a legacy.

7. The Little Book of Behavioral Investing – How Not to be Your Own Worst Enemy by James Montier 

In The Little Book of Behavioral Investing, expert James Montier takes you through some of the most important behavioral challenges faced by investors. Montier reveals the most common psychological barriers, clearly showing how emotion, overconfidence, and a multitude of other behavioral traits, can affect investment decision-making.

8. The Power Of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know By Bob Beaudine 

Beaudine explains this new way to achieve dreams clearly, in a step-by-step fashion using his well-tested knowledge to break it down and help readers tap into the Power of Who.

9. Life Manual 101 (How To Make Your Dreams Come True) By Bo Sanchez

Why is it that your dream still remains a dream? There are some important principles you still need to learn and apply, like what to do when your dreams are bigger than your resources, how to marry your purpose and hire your strategy and find God’s solution when you encounter obstacles that stop you from fulfilling your dream.

10. Chicken Soup For The Unsinkable Soul: 101 Stories By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Heather Mcnamara 

From the humorous to the heroic, from the extraordinary to the every day, each of these stories emphasizes victory over the odds. You’ll find new energy to live your dreams, surmount obstacles, and think positively as you read about how other people have met their challenges and moved forward with joy and purpose.

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